Friday, June 29, 2012

What if School Was Invented Today?

What if school was invented today?  What would it look like? How would students learn and teachers teach?  The obvious answer is in school or online....Don't be obvious!

Think of the time that you learned the most.  How did you learn? How do they communicate? Was it in school?  I bet not... we need to change that...

Stage 1:
When answering this question don't think "outside the box," pretend the box does not even exist!  Part of this challenge is thinking of the right questions to ask. Questions like "If the body of knowledge that the world create is changing so fast how does one keep up?"  or "What are THE most important things to learn when in a matter of minutes you can learn almost anything?"

So the first stage in this process is creating the "right questions."  What are the right questions?

Please use your comment to post your "questions"  or if you are ambitious add to the presentation.